A Vital Player in Animal Nutrition

Pommier Nutrition and Nutrixia Laboratory are ranked amongst the top French companies producing feed supplements for horses. They are based in Châteauneuf en Thymerais and Courville-sur-Eure, in the department of Eure-et-Loir, and manufacture and market feed supplements and care products, for horses from the happy hacker to the competition horse.

« We are striving to achieve optimal animal nutrition »

What are Micronutrients ?

We are striving to achieve optimal animal nutrition and, more specifically, focusing on a science of precision involving the study of micronutrients. Also known as nutraceuticals, these functional dietary supplements require both knowledge and constant research if we are to develop effective new nutritional solutions which are both appetising and attuned to animal physiology.


Research & Development

Research is central to our projects and we can make progress in animal health through forging strong partnerships.

Our most recent research project, in partnership with Labéo, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Liège (Belgium) and the University of Caen (France), focused on an emerging fatal disease which has an urgent need for research: atypical myopathy in horses.

Sylvain Pommier,
Director of Pommier Nutrition and
Nutrixia Laboratory.

The Origins of our Success...
Honing our Specialisation

Pommier Nutrition, now a leading company in its sector, has been built from top to bottom through forging partnerships and taking advantage of opportunities.
This step-by-step development has enabled us to send down lasting roots and make Pommier Nutrition a leading player in the equestrian field. A Little Background to a Story Forged out of Passion and... Perseverance.

« I was all alone in my van »

Sylvain Pommier,


Sylvain Pommier took his first steps in animal nutrition in 1983 when he created a company to distribute Purina products. “I was all alone in my van”, he remembers. “Near Rambouillet. A place where they hunt, but one that is not known for its breeding.” “I sold a few items for dairy cows, poultry, rabbits, but especially for horses – foodstuffs, straw, woodchip, fodder, etc.”

Mappe mde

Some fifteen years earlier, the company had started marketing feed supplements for horses. Sylvain Pommier had decided to import Farnam, the market leader in the American market for care products and feed supplements for horses and was commissioned to handle the distribution of the brand's products in Europe. This is how Farnam Europe Distribution was founded, later to become Pommier Nutrition.

The company expanded, moved into exporting and, in 2005, launched its own brands of feed supplements: HorseMaster and FedVet. FedVet is solely aimed at veterinarians. HorseMaster offers a very comprehensive range of feed supplements suitable for all types of horse from the happy hacker to the competition horse.


This year offers the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate our business and meet growing market demand by opening a new unit. More than 2,000 m² have been set aside to store our products and optimise our distribution.

Our Values :
Independence and Small Volumes

By combining our scientific and manufacturing knowledge, we have designed innovative nutritional solutions for animals. Our project has always been structured flexibly on a human scale and this allows us to build close relationships with our customers.


All our products are developed and manufactured in Châteauneuf en Thymerais. For the last three years, our premises have also been home to the Nutrixia Laboratory, a company specialised in custom feed supplement formulation. These two companies, both directed by Sylvain Pommier, have twenty-two employees. “This rapport means that we can keep a close eye on our manufacturing process.

The Châteauneuf-en-Thymerais has two production lines, one for powders and another for liquids. In order to standardise the feedstuffs, and particularly their vitamin content, we use a cold granulation process.


We use separate production lines for doping and non-doping substances to ensure that our products meet required standards with no contaminants and because our production for racehorses is highly regulated.

« We produce our flavourings ourselves. »

Our services

Onwards and Upwards

Pommier Nutrition, in addition to its extensive ranges of products for your horses’ well-being, can also help boost their performance in competitions. Today, our experience of the equestrian world has helped us develop specific scientific tools to help you get the best out of your horses.