Exercise physiology for equine Performance

Equine Performance Solutions by Pommier Nutrition proposes solutions for equine performance. By a global approach of the physical conditioning of horses, from dietary intakes to the evaluation of physical qualities, Equine Performance Solutions promotes her scientific expertise to optimize performance and to limit the training risks.

A physical trainer for your horses -

In search of excellence, horses as complete athletes are subjects to the competitions and races requirements and constraints. To stay at the best level becomes a real challenge. Injuries, poor performance, under and overtraining are all consequences that can annihilate an athlete's career.

The solution -

Objectivize and rationalize its training load. Because each horse responds differently to the characteristics of an effort, the control of the physiological responses allows to adapt the training load to the state of form of the moment. A re-evaluation of the physical qualities of the horse is then necessary to follow the expected effects of the training program and to adapt the load.

« Two horses performing the same effort at the same heart rate doesn't mean they work as hard as the other. »

A training plan -

The development of the capacities must be individualized and adapted precisely. The main competitions and secondary competitions must be defined beforehand to get into horses at their peak shape.

A physical conditioning for all horses -

The physical preparation must appear permanently at all stages of the horse’ training. It’s at the service of the technical aspects, tactics and specific requirements of the discipline. It must take into account the specificity of the horse and its discipline. The analysis of the sport requirements is preliminary, in order to determine efforts and constraints.

Exercise physiology for equine Performance  -

Thanks to its scientific expertise, Justine Fortier Guillaume, doctor in exercise physiology and physical conditioner, proposes a global approach of the horse physical conditioning. Based on strong human knowledge and latest scientific advances in physical conditioning, her global approach provides to horses a true physical preparation based on their physical capacities.

Her favorite fields: the evaluation of the equine cardio-respiratory qualities and the energetic nutrition of equine athletes.

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Our partners

Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti

The Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti  at Dijon is a structure dedicated to the evaluation of the physical qualities of human athletes as well as their physical conditioning.



Seaver a French company, has developed connected girth and girth sleeve to obtain physiological parameters and practical data of exercising horses.



Holiste, laboratory of development of the Bol d’Air Jacquier, proposes unique solutions of cellular oxygenation. The Bol d’Air Jacquier promotes a more efficient breathing by sustainably stimulating the oxygen uptake in the cells. It is an effective ally for training, endurance, recovery


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